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MidWest Oil & Gas Engineering has started the first trials on its high oil droplet coalescence technology, to improve the performance of water de-oilling hydrocyclone units. The trials are conducted offshore Angola on a Shell-operated patform.

MidWest Oil & Gas Engineering is very happy to announce the appointment of Dr Cecil Moore as the new Separation Technology Development Manager. Cecil was head of Research and Development at Husky Oil since 1997. He will take his position on the 1st of March 2008.

Under the Liechtenstein proposal, as from January 2007, it is mandatory for all drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods to be ADR (Accord Dangerous Routier) certified.

The US S84 and the UK's UKOOA have joined forces under the master standard IEC61508 to introduce world wide guidelines IEC61511 for process safety.

The I.S.P.S. code introduced in 2004 is now statutory law.

The UK's DSEAR and Europe's ATEX are aiming to introduce new world wide guidelines for zoning hazardous areas.

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